Monofilament Topper

Monofilament Topper



18″ Dark Brown Monofilament Topper – Beaux Hair Extensions

Monofilament hair toppers are good than lace toppers cause of the volume they give and with a more natural-looking part than the lace toppers. We have different base sizes in these according to the requirements and the patch size. If you have thinning or baldness on your hair top then these toppers are good for you.

From covering a small patch to give the entire cover-up these are the best ones to cover the entire hair. These are the best alternative if you don’t want to wear a wig but add great length and volume.

Clip it in for coverage and added volume or to cover roots between touch-ups. The monofilament base is hand-tied to look super realistic. Position slightly behind your hairline for the most natural look.

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3*5, 5*5, 7*5, 8*5, 9*5


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