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Hair goals – The fastest way to curl hair extensions

Hair goals - The fastest way to curl hair extensions

Hair goals – The fastest way to curl hair extensions

June 23, 2019

Hair goals – The fastest way to curl hair extensions

You can never go wrong with curls, they add body, texture, and a touch of exoticness. The sweetest part is, you really only need one tool to achieve a multitude of looks and of course, knowing how to use it! Remember to add your favorite Beaux hair extensions to add length and thickness to any of the styles. First and foremost, you want to make sure you’re working with the best tools.

Before deciding on your curling method, familiarize yourself with the best products on the market to achieve the look without damaging your hair. The best curling irons will likely be ceramic, titanium or tourmaline as they provide even heat distribution for a smooth surface that won’t damage your hair.

Steps :

Begin at the end of the section and curl the hair tightly on the roller.
Clip the section near the weft to secure it.

Continue to wrap the hair on the roller until all of the hair is secure.
Allow the hair to air dry.

Release the rollers from the hair right before you are about to use the Beaux extensions.

Now Get Gorgeous!

Curling your hair extensions requires a little more time and effort than when compared to natural  hair, but it does come with added benefits! If your extensions are heat-friendly they will hold style much longer than natural  hair does… so you don’t have to style the hair as frequently! As long as you follow the five easy steps above, you can get  stunning curly hair extensions whenever you want!

If you have any other tips or techniques, let us know. In the meantime, check our awesome curly and straight hair beaux extensions!

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