5 different ways to use hair extensions !

5 different ways to use hair extensions !

June 2, 2019

Are you considering buying hair extensions but not sure whether to make the splurge? Are you wondering what you can do with them in the first place?
If you want to learn more about what hair extensions can be used for and their perks, this blog post is for you. We’ve got the complete guide to hair extensions that will give you some tips .

A) The pony tails or messy bun with added volume

Achieving that big and bouncy ponytail is often just a dream if you have fine hair. But, fear not! Clip in hair extensions gives you the freedom to create that large ponytail, as well as the messy bun with heaps of volume. Many of us suffer with thin, flat, fine hair which can leave us struggling to create that oh-so desirable voluminous look we crave. Hair extensions can be used to fill out your hair, giving you that full, thick hair you’ve been dreaming of. Cue hair flick…

B) To create longer and thicker braids

Braids have made a big comeback, and it seems they’re all over Instagram. However, it seems most of these braids are long and thick, which can’t be achieved with your natural hair. Adding in just one row of clip in hair extensions can give you a thick luscious braid for the day. Then, you can just take them out at the end of the day! Hair extensions are the perfect solution to transform a thin, short braid into a long braid with mega volume. Simply clip a few wefts in strategically throughout your head before braiding your hair, and say hello to your beautiful extra-thick braid .


Get creative with your hair extensions! Did you ever tried to wrap a piece of your ponytail around your hair elastic only for it to fall out a few minutes later? How about trying to create a braided crown that ends up taking hours to perfect? Instead of using your natural hair to create these intricate hairstyles, use your hair extensions.A last great way to use your hair extensions is to use them as accessories in your Hair Distributors. By braiding a 3-clip weft, you can create a braided headband that will be perfect for any summer festival!

D)To add length

And of course, hair extensions also add instant length. Do you wish you had long hair after having chopped your hair? Or maybe you feel as though you can’t grow your hair anymore? Whatever the case may be, clip-in hair extensions is an instant solution to help you achieve the long hair you’ve always wanted. These lovely waves and these tight curls are great hairstyles to show off your long hair.

E) Fix a bad cut

Had the chop and it’s all gone wrong? All is not lost. Get in touch with us at Beaux hair extensions and we’ll weave those magical, problem solving strands into your hair and get you feeling back to yourself – HALLELUJAH!!

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